History Parachuting

Leonardo da Vinci, universal genius of the Renaissance, anticipated in a drawing the principle and the design elements of the parachute. In 1617 a jump was attempted in Italy from a tower. The first jump from the air is registered in France during the year 1797.

During World War I. the parachute was introduced as a safety device for fighter pilots. In World War II became a form of transport for vertical infiltration and commando missions; parachute units often conducted strategic and operational actions: Crete and „Market Garden“ are military history.

After 1945 the parachute became a sport tool, originating fascinating new sports which attract young people.
1964 the first Parachuting Military World Championship of C.I.S.M. was organized in Pau at the French military parachute school. In 1983 female classifications were introduced. Until 2019 we saw 43 World Military Parachuting Championships, and in the recent years, up to 40 nations have participated.

Since 1992 we also have the option for Military Parachuting Continental Championships.

Source: Preface to CISM Parachuting Regulations 2020